The Upgraded Husband

The Upgraded Husband

The Upgraded Husband!

The term ‘upgrade’ is generally an invitation to increase the quality of something. Upgraded seats on an airline means more leg room and added perks. In the hotel industry is usually mean a larger room with complimentary breakfast. Upgrades are intended create a better quality of experience.
As a husband, it is my desire that every day my wife wakes up to an upgraded husband. I want her to have a better quality of experience with complimentary perks.
Traditionally, we are encouraged to buy our wives flowers and candy. That’s a start but these upgrades goes beyond what money can buy. I know my wife doesn’t eat candy and she values that which cost me the most – my time. Before you can offer an upgrade, know what your wife values. Don’t you hate it when companies try to offer you things that you don’t value.
Offer your wife upgrades that impact her on a much deeper level. Upgraded levels of intimacy, upgraded  depth of communication, upgraded sex life,  upgraded worship together, and upgraded level of interdependency in marriage.
Companies who do a great job at winning over customers understand that they must give something away without further taxing the customer. The “At no cost to you” upgrades are the best type of upgrades. The upgrade that comes with preconditions comes off as suspect and sale-sy.
The upgrades given “because we value you as a customer” makes you feel like someone in corporate gets it. They make you feel valued as a customer. You don’t feel taken for granted.
As a husband to an amazing wife, everyday I am seeking to give away a part of myself to her. I want to serve her just because she’s valuable to me no conditions attached.  I want her to know that I get it and that I am paying attention to her needs. I never want her to feel taken for granted.
In transparency I don’t always get it right. Sometimes I get in my own way and my selfishness causes me to miss opportunities to demonstrate the love and the service that God requires of me as a husband. SO know that your upgrading efforts are life-long. You will not always get it right. But I am committed to improving and increasing in the needed areas.
I now start my day asking, ” How can I serve her today? What are her needs today and how can I address them.”
The best question I ask is “How can I be the Upgraded Husband” today.

Bishop Eddie Gross

Bishop Eddie Gross is the Founding/Senior Pastor of Relevant Life Church based in Atlanta GA. Bishop Eddie Gross is passionate about the maturation of the people of God. His no nonsense approach to church and the message of Christ is a breath of fresh air for many.

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