The Change Agent is Action

The Change Agent is Action

The Change Agent is Action!

Not too long ago, I was finding water in the bottom of my cabinet underneath my kitchen sink. I searched and searched but could not find the source of the leak or where the water was coming from. After while I traced the leak to a faulty faucet part – mystery solved.


I must also tell you that I have yet to replace the faulty faucet that is causing the leak. (Don’t judge me lol) Periodically, I find water has leaked to the bottom of the cabinet – no surprise.

Identifying a problem is good, but unless you take action to remedy the problem the job is notcomplete. This may seem like a simple truth but it is one we all need to remember – The Change Agent is Action.

The word of God is wonderful in that it helps me to identify problems. It reveals the areas where I have leaks. It shows me “me” and calls attention to parts of my life and character that has compromises. Without the word of God, I cannot trust myself to be honest about what I am seeing. It feels a whole lot better to make our problems about someone else – to blame others.

James 1:23 tells us that the word of God acts like a mirror – it helps us to see ourselves at angles we aren’t capable of seeing ourselves unaided.

Not only does the word show me “me”, but it also tells me what actions I need to take to resolve my leaks, and issues, and trouble areas.

I want to challenge you today, identify areas in your life that you know need your attention. Identify your leaks. Now make a commitment today to address those areas by applying the word of God. This is not easy, because most times we realize that we’ve been blaming others for things that we should be blaming ourselves for. This will take courage.

When we have the courage  to identify our compromises, to do the hard work, and to commit to taking the action, its then we will see healing and beautiful change in our lives.

Now about that faucet….


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